Graffiti and Texture

Street art can be found everywhere in a urban setting. Sometimes I just walk past some of them in awe. The use of colour, line, and form is incredible. I took my camera with me one day around the city and shoot all the art in the street that I came across. I thought I could make use of theses photos in composite images and I just found them very intriguing, especially shot at different angles. Each of the following capture a certain element that stood out to me.


I like the use of colour and contrast and the “grungy” effect it gives.


The gold used here is unexpected. It was a overall disorganized beauty.


The neon shades stands out against the rough texture of the wall.


 The peeling texture of this wall stood out to me. I really like the complementing effect of blues and oranges.


Composites in Post Production: Trial 1

This week I focused on building my techniques and workflow for creating composite photographs. To begin, I figured I would combine a studio lit photo of Erica and a background with interesting texture and colour to begin constructing a basic composite in Photoshop. One of the most important things I learned was how to adjust and correct the lights and darks by utilizing a black and white layer; also adjusting and correcting the colours by using levels and/or hue and saturation layers in Photoshop. Clipping masks were used to only apply the layer effect on select layers. Global adjustments were used to further blend the hues and tones of the two photos together. I also learned more advanced techniques for refined edges of my selections, which is very important in fine tuning and details of the photo.


I was going for a edgy textured background with cooler colours to complement Erica’s blue hoodie in the first photo. I also wanted to create a higher contrast ¬†overall to go with the edgy theme as some of the colour and tone blending using levels flattened the photo a bit.


In this photo, I leaned more towards the warmer, pink tones. Her face is still a bit brighter compared to the background. This should be further adjusted in Photoshop. A soft lightening of the background behind my subject was added to separate her from the background more.