Almost the End of the Semester?!

Things to finish:

  • post photos from field trip
  • last composite – human face + ??? in studio lighting
  • do menu commission work
  • put together exhibit: theme-light effects in photos (eg: bokeh, lens flares, star effect)

I want to get more pointers on night photography eventually. I would like to use the studio a few more times and to do macro again.



Checklist #2


  1. 2 composites
  2. 10 photo themed exhibit
  3. Commissioned work (menu work 10)

Goals this week:

  • The other side ✓
  • Panorama of river landscape (sunrise/sunset)
  • Street-life blog
  • get inspiration for composite; complete and hand in one by end of first week back

Week #2: Semester Planning

This week, I was experimenting with the soft, out of focus technique. I especially like the effect this has on lights. The softness contrasts with the sharpness of the metal ring.


IMG_0022 IMG_0019


There are soo many new styles and techniques I want to try out over the course of this semester. Sometimes it is hard to keep track. But, the hardest thing to do, I think, is deciding on something and getting started. I also want to re-do some of the things I have done in the previous years to try and sharpen up my skills. For example, I would like to reshoot waterdrops as I feel like there are many other shots I could get. To tie into that, I want to learn more about flash and high speed photography. Last year was a really good introduction to the basics, but I fell like I have forgot some of the theory behind it. So, I would like to freshen up on that. I hope to purchase an external flash soon. Composites are a new thing I want to be able to create in Photoshop. There are endless ideas for this. I have come up with some in my head and some are listed below. As I played around with the “out of focus” technique this week, I found that I really like that style. Bokeh and blur tend to give a photo a certain feeling of “unknown”, which I absolutely love. You have the viewer wondering about something they don’t know about. The photo becomes more compelling as there is an urge to know more about the subject. 

More styles (and some specific shots):

  • Flash Photography
    • High speed flash: water balloons
    • Water drops: with reflection
  • Composites
    • Girl w/ umbrella & outdoor landscape

***Always be on the lookout for interesting textures.***

  • Out of focus
    • Girl spinning around outside; bokeh created by sunlight
    • Blades of grass in foreground & subject out of focus
    • …inspiration:
  • Photoshop techniques:
    • Panorama: globe effect
    • 3 x 3 “triptych”
    • “Fake” window composite

…There are probably more that I can’t think of at the moment, or am not even aware of. I’ll post another list again soon. 🙂