Student Profile: Karis Koh


Karis is a honours psychology student with a piano minor. The end of this winter term marked the true beginning of the trek into the field of psychology expertise and the end of her formal piano studies.


Natural Portrait Lighting and Silhouettes

Over the weekend, I did a shoot with my cousin, Joey. I did her hair and chose her outfits. Although we just goofed around most of the time, (much camera shake…oops), I did get some shots. The lighting conditions were decent that day. It was just barely sunny, but not too bright or overcast. I started off inside and tried different window setups. The soft, back window lighting (the first photo below) seemed to work best. There are a few distractions in the corners of each photo which could have been eliminated through post-production, but we are focusing on lighting here.

IMG_0404-2        IMG_0501-2

I also tried to capture some silhouettes. I really like how these turned out, especially the middle photo where not all the colour/form is taken out. This was shot in Manual with a small aperture (to get a sharp edge) and low ISO (to reduce noise in silhouette shape itself). I aimed for an uncluttered, bright background to offset a dark subject to provide that contrast difference.

IMG_0371     IMG_0369     IMG_0374

I really like how this one turned out.


Next, are the outdoor photos. All of these were taken in the shade in the soft natural light.

IMG_0535-2        IMG_0533-2        IMG_0621-2        IMG_0525-2