Campus Collection no. 2

This is the result of carrying around my camera everywhere as I go to class and explore the city.



Mid-Summer Leaves – After a productive lecture session, I walked out to see the cheerful sunlight in quad. And yes, I am in fact doing school in the summer, haha. Here on campus, it has been at least 28°C everyday..or at least it feels like it. For this photograph, I stood under a shaded tree to capture the quiet mid-summer mood. I think the little holes in the leaves make it interestingly imperfect.


Van Vliet Complex – Even though you can’t see the actual building, I really like the effect of this shot. The Van Vliet Complex is the main recreation center on campus. It is the cone shaped building attached to the Butterdome. These two buildings are photographed together quite often (I’ll photograph that some other time to show you), but I wanted to see if I could capture it from a different perspective. It was successful! I even manged to capture some huge sunspots too!


Mackinnon Ravine – My fellow execs and I went down to the river valley for team bonding last week! I manage to capture this shot as we were walking back up the hill (very close to the water). We were planning on picking berries here too, but they were nowhere to be found! We had a great time nonetheless though.


Cafe Mosaics – This is my favourite vegan place to grab a nice meal after a draining midterm. [bokeh + street photography = new obsession]


Urban Street Art: #BarnE – I love that Cafe Mosaics features and supports upcoming artists.



Graffiti and Texture

Street art can be found everywhere in a urban setting. Sometimes I just walk past some of them in awe. The use of colour, line, and form is incredible. I took my camera with me one day around the city and shoot all the art in the street that I came across. I thought I could make use of theses photos in composite images and I just found them very intriguing, especially shot at different angles. Each of the following capture a certain element that stood out to me.


I like the use of colour and contrast and the “grungy” effect it gives.


The gold used here is unexpected. It was a overall disorganized beauty.


The neon shades stands out against the rough texture of the wall.


 The peeling texture of this wall stood out to me. I really like the complementing effect of blues and oranges.