#OPAW Week 2: Quad at High Noon

Hi everyone, here is my photo post of the week. (I know I am not sticking to the Monday thing…sorry…I had a midterm last Tuesday.)

This was taken today (Errr…yesterday, since it is 1:36 AM as I am writing this) in Main Quad of U of A Campus. It was one of the first days I saw as many people as there were studying or just enjoying the sun in Quad. It should have been a no brainer though, since it was such a nice day outside; the skies were blue and crystal clear. I was just walking past and I couldn’t help but document the moment .

The atmosphere seemed packed with brain power and creativity; it was very refreshing. There is something about a collection of diverse ambitious students gathered in a common area enjoying the same air and sun that makes me feel very inspired and a sense of belonging.. I could describe Quad today as serene almost, but in a more lively way.

It can be very inspiring or it can even give yourself a break from being stuck in your head/personal bubble. Here’s to the importance of taking in and appreciating the world around you often.


I hope you have/had/are having a good day!

Goodnight ❤



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