Back to Blogging!?!

Heeeey everyone!

I would really like to get back into blogging regularly, whether that is posting photos or just me rambling on about life. I would like to acknowledge all my new followers. Welcome to my blog :D! I take it a lot of you are in Mr. Bruce’s Photography 12 class at Kelly Road Secondary….yesyes? Hopefully you can gain some inspiration from my previous posts. Photography 12 was BY FAR my favourite class in high school. Also if you need any advice, shoot me a comment; I’m happy to help!

ANYWAYS, I haven’t touched my blog since the last day of photography. To be honest, I really haven’t picked up my camera since I moved to Alberta for Uni. I am currently in the mist of midterm season, working day and night studying, writing papers, and doing labs…..PSSHH, who am I kidding?…I am procrastinating like none other xD. No, but really, in the craziness that is university, campus atmosphere is beautiful and very uplifting and I would like to post some photos of campus very soon! There are many photo opportunities. I am apart of the established university photography club here on campus and I work on a design team for a a group called the Health and Wellness Movement. BUT YES, photos soon, I promise.

Good luck to everyone in school and whatever else life throws at you!

Talk soon (feel free to comment on this post).

Goodnight <33

–Bonnie Chow


For now, a quote…

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy


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