Photography 12: My Exhibition


~10 image exhibit(ion)~

I feel that this collection of photos reflects my style as a photographer well. The moods portrayed from the delicate shots to the urban photos all achieve a certain effect while incorporating bokeh as a main element. For my watermark, I had an idea one day to shoot a “treeline”. One of the things I really enjoy shooting are cityscapes and citylines, but since I live in Prince George, it is impossible to shoot city buildings because they are non-existent. I figured that trees would better represent this city and I could make it imitate a city line silhouette.

Bokeh is something that really intrigued me as an aspiring photographer. There are so many applications for it as I learned it doesn’t always have to be created from conventional out of focus lights. For this exhibition, I decided to focus my theme mostly around bokeh and other creative uses of light such as star flares and spotlighting with low key conditions. Bokeh really softens backgrounds and brings out the foreground, often adding a nice framing effect. Some of the photos I chose are completely out of focus, creating strong bokeh light rings against a dark background. I like the look of this, as it gives a sense of mystery.

I decided to somehow incorporate polaroid frames into my display. For my final project, I chose six photos that would work cropped to square dimensions and placed a polaroid border on them. These would be the supporting photos that would frame my four main images. The first four have a delicate, girly theme; the following photo of general bokeh+lens connects my two styles together. The last five highlight an urban city mood.

I have to say, these are not my best/favourite photos of all time, but I focused on portraying my style as a photographer through the theme and moods.

Over the course of the years, I would say I have grown and become more aware of my photographic styles and habits. I can’t believe it was three years ago that I picked up that first Rebel T3 DSLR and started shooting paper bags in the back of the classroom. It will be hard leaving this class.


5x7-Bchow3   5x7-Bchow2   5x7-Bchow1

7 x 10   7 x 10

CURIOUS                                         OUT OF FOCUS

7 x 10   7 x 10

IN THE CITY                                   ON TAP

5x7-Bchow4   5x7-Bchow5   5x7-Bchow6


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