Photo Trip: Prince George Railway and Forestry Musuem

This was a bittersweet day. It was probably the last field trip I will ever go on as a high school student. Nevertheless, it was tons of fun and a day to remember. In terms of photos there were tons of cool HDR and texture shoots. The lighting was questionable as it was too harsh and direct sunlight. I made use of lens flares and star effects; and aimed to shoot in the open shade or with the sun as backlight. When we first arrived, I wasn’t overly inspired or creative enough to dive right in a start shooting because the setting was kind of out of my style. I soon found interesting subjects and looked for different perspectives that others may not capture. My goal was for every picture to be shot with a purpose or to include an interesting element, like a lens flare, HDR, cool foreground, or contrasted textures.


Highlights: I really like how these shots turned out.

IMG_9354-Edit IMG_9329 IMG_9411 IMG_9434

Texts and Textures: These flat designs were emphasized with some post-production. The texture combined with the contrast and texts really made these photos stand out to me.



Foreground interest:

IMG_9444     IMG_9468




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