Product Photography

A few months ago, I did a shoot for a salon for their Black Friday promotion. These photos are up on their company website. I had a lot of fun at this shoot. The lighting conditions were not optimal, but took advantage of the lights in the background and the lights that were reflecting off some surfaces. Product photography and marketing is something I would like to get into.

phtgr11-2-2     Here, I tried using the bokeh effect in the foreground instead of the background.


I tried to soften the background with bokeh to add an elegant feel.


Reflections on the table top and the ornament add interest. I focused on keeping the simplicity of the repetition as the main element in the photo.


I noticed these products were quite uniform and wanted to take advantage of that, so I arranged them in a row next to each other. The fact that they included all the primary colours add a separating element as each of the products claims to do different things. I could have tried more angles and eliminate some of the tilt.


I like this perspective. Maybe a slight temperature adjustment would have been better. Depth of field should have also been considered to have more of the print visible.


Similar to the second photo, I wanted to stick with the greens and soft bokeh theme.

I had tons of fun at this shoot, but I would like to learn more about how studio lights and how they can make a difference in product photography.


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